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Solutions for Secure Payment
Our solutions enable merchants to accept credit card payments and e-wallet based transactions with ease and more security. We provide one-stop solution from hardware (Kiosk, vending machine and credit card reader), software to system integration and telemetry management service.

One of our featured solution for secure payment is a unique platform that combines POS and Smart Terminal (on which 3rd party value-added business applications can be developed). This solution enables retailers to process payment (including credit card / Apple Pay / Samsung Pay / WeChat Pay / AliPay / loyalty point / coupon / local SVFs), supports O2O business and manage supply chain, customer relationship, logistics functions all on a single device.
Support multiple payment options
It accepts magnetic stripe, EMV (also known as chip cards), NFC, Bluetooth and QR code payment technologies.
Ultimate flexibility
It gives merchants the flexibility to use business applications and provide better integration into their backend systems.
All-in-one design
The payment terminal, register, camera, scanner, printer, and more are integrated into one device.
Wide range of connectivity options
It supports 4G, 3G, 2G, Wifi and Bluetooth.
Strong security
It allows electronic signature capture for high-value transactions.
Provide a wide range of flexible secure payment options with our solution partners
Reduce customers' compliance costs
Support major credit cards and e-wallet based transactions
Mitigate payment fraud in business
Help customers do more business

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