Provide electronic services for submission and processing of certain official trade-related documents to the Government and GETS related services
Provide supply-chain electronic applications and solutions for the trade, logistics, warehousing and retails industries
Provide online/mobile security services and solutions for identity management (IDM) including digital certificates, security tokens and biometric-based authentication solutions.
Company Overview
Established in 1988, Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited is a leading provider of e-commerce services for Hong Kong business community. Since 1997, Tradelink has been providing Government Electronic Trading Services (GETS) for the trading community, initially under a 7-year exclusive franchise (1997-2003) and currently under a licence till 2018. The government also has confirmed award of a new 6-year GETS licence (2019-2024) to Tradelink, extendable up to three years at the Government's discretion. Over the years, Tradelink has earned the trust and support of the trading community; enabling it to stand firmly as the dominant player in the e-commerce market. With the mission to empower its clients with business enabled e-solutions for their commercial and financial activities, Tradelink has diversified its business beyond GETS into other business areas. In addition to GETS, Tradelink also offers a wide range of solutions, including supply chain solutions, digital certification services/identity management solutions, payment solutions and a Community Logistics Platform through its subsidiaries Digital Trade and Transportation Network Limited, Digi-Sign Certification Services Limited, Tradelink E-Biz Secure Solutions Limited and VSHIP Limited.

Tradelink was listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Stock Code: 0536) on 28 October 2005.